What is a Living Library?

A Living Library allows people to connect with individuals in their community who they may not normally have the opportunity to interact with. A Living Library promotes tolerance, celebrates differences, and encourages understanding of people with lived experiences from a variety of cultural, social, or lifestyle backgrounds.


The aim of a Living Library is to make these individual experiences more widely available. In learning about other people and their experiences, we challenge our own views and ideas, creating a vibrant and inclusive society. 


What is a Living Book?

Living Books are volunteers who are willing to share their stories of their own lived experience with others in a safe environment.


What is a Reader?

Readers check out Living Books either virtually through the website or at an in-person event.  By doing so, they have the opportunity to learn about other people's life experiences or special interests. At in-person events, Readers will participate in one-on-one or small group conversations with the Living Book and will have opportunities to ask questions and learn.